In short.

Atvis create custom made software solutions to help our customers to solve their problems.

We only take on projects that we believe will help our customers to be successful in the long run. That is our main focus, for our customers to be successful.

We work with User Experience Design, high and low-level language software development, full-stack web development, visualization, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and other useful technologies.

Our employees' personal development, long term mental and physical health is very important to us.

You find us in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Karlatornet for SERNEKE


High-end VR-sales tool for northern Europe’s tallest building, Karlatornet, Gothenburg, Sweden.

InPlan for Swedish municipalities


Front-end and back-end of cloud-based, urban planning 3D software for web, touch-screen and VR.

Zeniverse at Zenuity


Back-end and front-end development for corporate HR-database, designed for web and large scale touchscreens.

Zeniverse at Zenuity


Free roam VR location based game using Qualisys motion capture system and Gear VR.


Swedavia, Gothia Towers, Mölnlycke Health Care, Atrium Ljungberg, EL-Björn, Kiruna Municipality, Kista Science City, Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg Municipality, VOLVO Group, CHALMERS…


The Purpose.

We do not neccessarily need to know all the details of a project before we start the development process. However, we strongly believe in having a very clear purpose of the project stated from day one. We believe that this purpose should be set in stone. Thus, we spend a lot of energy on really understanding the problem at hand. This is done in close collaboration with our customers in workshops, meetings, and in depth interviews with stakeholders.

The Solution.

The next step after setting the purpose is to give our view on the situation. We usually suggest a number of solutions to the problem. This is presented along with a description of one or more ideas of minimal viable products (MVP). From this our customers decides on what route to follow. When the green light is given we start working on the delivery and presentation of the MVP.

The Development.

The release of the first functioning version, the alpha, the MVP, whatever you want to call it, should be finished as soon as possible. We always try to preserve the momentum from the ideation phase. From there on we work with continious incremental agile development of the solution. During this phase we take in new ideas from important stakeholders and at the same time handle new theats and opportunities. The purpose however, stays the same.

The Invitation.

This relation starts with you. When you realize you have a challenge, you invite us in for a cup of coffee. It is as simple as that. Mail us, call us, text us!


What we do.

Identify problems and challenges. Solve them with software (and sometimes hardware).


We love helping people. We truly enjoy solving old and new problems using design and technology.


We gather enthusiastic and hard working engineers to help our customers to analyse and identify their organization's challenges. From this analysis we suggest software (and sometimes hardware) based solutions to tackle these challenges.

In what way.

We always have our customers' long term success in focus. We try as much as possible to aim to work in a both environmentally, as well as socially sustainable way. We strive to have a sound work life balance for our employees. We try to mix work with pleasure as much as possible. We always focus on the mental and physical health and the long term personal development of our employees.

With what means.

We work with user experience design, high and low-level language software development, full-stack web development, visualization, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and other useful technologies.


Peter Wallberg